Myths and Legends

Maori History and Culture, through Myths and Legends, Rotorua

Welcome to the myths and legends section of our website where we can share our Maori heritage through our beautiful myths and legends handed down through generations of our Whakapapa.  Here, you are able to view a small collection of legends and stories reflecting themes relevant to today’s world.

This oral traditional storytelling in Maori culture is used to provide a common link which unified all Maori myth, tradition, and history, from the distant past to the present day reminding us where we came from and where we belong.

Myths, legends, dance, and song have always played an important role in Maori culture, passing knowledge and wisdom down through the generations connecting us to people around us, our descendants and our natural environment.

During your Mokoia Island Wai Ora Experience our knowledgeable guides will introduce and share local Maori myths and legends associated with Rotorua and magical Mokoia Island.