Mokoia Island Conservation of New Zealand’s Native Endangered Flora & Fauna

Mokoia Island is a private tribal island and access to Mokoia Island is restricted to permitted operators only. These operators must take special precautions to ensure their vessels are pest free and to respect the Island’s conservation environment.

Mokoia Island provides an excellent example of partnership conservation in New Zealand.   Restoration and protection of Mokoia Island are headed by the Mokoia Island Trust Board while the Department of Conservation provides technical advice and practical support towards the achievement of these goals.

Mokoia Island is a special case for Conservation in New Zealand. This unique island is an irreplaceable asset for conservation owing to its size, location, and absence of introduced predators.

Governance of Mokoia Island occurs through the Chairman and Trustees of the Mokoia Island Trust. There are 12 members sitting on the board.

We encourage guests to the island to participate in our ‘tree planting’ regime.
Advise us and we will arrange for you to plant your own tree to commemorate your visit while at the same time helping us to replant native species on the island.

Quarantine Station

The Department of Conservation, in conjunction of Mokoia Island Wai Ora Experiences, will carry out a quarantine check of all guests who visit Mokoia Island in order to protect the breeding programme of New Zealand’s precious native birds.

For the purposes of protecting the unique native bird population on Mokoia Island, all passengers will be screened at our quarantine station. This is mandatory and we apologise for any inconvenience.

Please wear comfortable footwear for trekking and protective clothing on inclement days and drinking water.

Please note that the toilet facilities on the island are bio loos.